Saturday, December 15, 2018

Can I scream now?

Stats: it's a Saturday Dec 15th 2018 a few days from the Winter Solstice/Yule.
        : we are 320 Days away from next Hallowe'en.
        : the weather around the planet is very unpredictably unusual.
        :being sober has given me massive writers block.

Okay, now with that out of the way, my lovely Spudguns!, how are you all?  I don't even find me funny anymore. The kind of blog post that used to take me twenty minutes to write, now takes me two days. The kind of blog post that used to take me five hours to write, now takes me two weeks. The endless sea of gimmicks no longer jive. Never mind the fact I haven't written anything uncensored offline in over five years. I do think that might be part of it...having to censor myself for the blogs. Anyways.

Too much quiet reflection can make you sick of things. I know I sort of bitched and complained while back about not being able to really promote myself the way I see others doing it. And that still pretty much stands. I can't keep that smile plastered to my words in that can do attitude, because I am not hotwired that way...or is it wetwired...maybe its just that as a member of Generation X, we are all slackers. Yeah, let's go with that idea.

What an idea eh? A generation that spent it's whole time defining what made it -it. From movies like Singles, Reality Bites, and Slacker, to that whole grunge vs metal vs hip hop thing. And now, this current generation are semi-living it all live on the internet. Dude, just between you and me, I have no idea what they are calling this generation now?  Millennials or Echo Boomers, or Gen Z or whathaveyou?    Gen Z. Just makes me think of zombies. Gen-Zoms. Well, it fits doesn't it? My generation was all about Dracula, this generation is all about Walking Dead. Totally fits.

As I work through my lack of self respecting silent aggression; I hope everything is shinny where you are today.

kiss kiss noise.