Monday, June 4, 2018

Random Monday June 4th 2018

We are 149 days till Hallowe'en on the countdown calendar. And I just spent an hour on facebook, searching for something I couldn't find.
Pretty typical as of late for me. Searching, searching, searching, looking but not finding. I've been having that happen a lot lately, I'm lost in the details of things. I will get up in the morning, decide that I want to post about something, and get so wrapped up in trying to create the right photo or hashtag or whathaveyou, that by the time I look at the clock again, it's just too late. Either too many people have beat me to the topic cause everyone live streams, or I just simply lost interest.

Like my videos. I promised you guys new stuff. And I did create some Vlogs and Video Reviews. Which, I in a timely fashion and totally not like my lazy arse at all, posted to my movie blog and facebook in May. Just by the time I did that, thought "why post them again?"  So they never made it to this blog.

I subscribe to a newsletter that I rarely get, and therefore always completely forget I've subscribed to until it pops into my emails every so often. And the crazy of it is, the person is local. Yeah, I have been brutally honest with my lack of local interest. Cause, well my city blows man. But, this morning, that newsletter reached my inbox, and the topic was about how we need to live in the details more.

Live in the details more. Ironically, it made a lot of sense. And the timing of it well...the universe is talking and I need to listen little closer.