Sunday, October 15, 2017

Random October 2017

I was coming in here to post a photo. Then I changed my mind.

I had just posted to instagram, with a picture I'd done for Hallowe'en. Every so often, I've been doing a countdown for the season. Today the theme was bats.  

Doesn't matter. None of it in fact matters. In fact, it mattered so little that I just took nearly two months off from any kind of socializing online; and the only one's who seemed to notice were the two instagram followers who unsubscribed.  Dude, I really hate the fact that everything I do in life now is subheaded in my mind with "how's that going to look on video?"

I am a dinosaur. I know this, and own up to it very much so. I grew up in an age where not everyone got to be the star attraction, because not everyone had the talent. Now, talent is not required.  Well, that's not completely true now is it? You have to be talented at selling yourself.  You have to be able to wiz around the twitter and whatever else is the tool of power and hold that crown of fate in a bare handed white knuckle grip of fearless determination while hoping the fake modesty rings true enough.  

I can't do any of that.

I'm just a 43 year old woman who doesn't fit. Hell, I no longer even fit in my own dress.  There is a running theme in a lot of vampire stories, that points out how the vampires get stuck in the era that they became vampires; and how they need to constantly have something/someone new to keep them remotely in touch with modern living. That's a cliche for a reason. This dinosaur has hit that cliched wall. 

I don't get society in 2017. Lest not beyond the idea that we have become nothing but whip cream. I hate whip cream.

Countdown says : 16 Days till Hallowe'en 2017