Sunday, September 4, 2016

Blurred out in September

This just proves that no matter how good I think I am at taking photos, I'm really crap at it. Timing is everything, and my timing is so off.

Spudguns! Been way too long, which is a bad habit I've gotten into. I'm trying to break that habit, and a few other bad ones.  Some of you might know that all my blogging love has been put towards my movie blog the last few years. Where, not only do I talk about movies, I am part of a movie and food blogging group called Food n'Flix Club. Where we create dishes inspired by movies every month. And, where I've been writing my never ending soap opera. My blog not the food group silly silly spudguns!

Yes, I know, I have the crafting projects and the "supernatural style hunter's guide" crafts still to finish. They've been started...just haven't worked on them in a while. See, bad habits.

One of the things keeping me busy in the real world of not blogging, is that I've been doing tarot card readings. And I got to tells ya, sometimes, what you learn about people by doing these is not worth risking your time, energy or health. Still have a migraine from the last one the other day.

And this beautiful man beside me is Lady Fantasia LaPremiere, 2015 winner of Wiggins Wig Wars, and multi time winner of Queen of the North.  aka my buddy John. Who's ability to make a vegan chocolate and raspberry cake is a bad habit everyone needs to learn to love.

And now coffee. kiss kiss noise