Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mars, Pluto, Saturn and stuff

Okay, I have been off my game lately. I should have been in while ago to post these.

Saturn turned retrograde from March 23rd until August 13th 2016
Mars turned retrograde from April 17th until June 29th 2016
Pluto turned retrograde from April 18th until September 26th 2016
and we've got the next Mercury retrograde coming up at the end of the month April 28th -May 22nd

Sorry guys, I haven't done my homework on how that will effect things, but given they all cross each other, I'm suspecting some really wacky effects this year. Remember, most of the planets sit in one sign for long periods of time, some a full decade. (Mercury, Venus and Mars being the planets that move monthly)
And we have a Full Moon this week on the 22nd. So plan your witchy-woo-hoo accordingly.

And the other stuff... 1) the hunter's kit. Yes, my lovely Spudguns! I'm still working on that inch by inch.   2) the hunter's adventures story...I've hit a wall. I think I already boxed myself in setting the first half in Nipigon.  I'm trying to write around the fact I've never actually been there...okay I've driven through there but never been there so I've sort of screwed myself cause I can't really give landmarks or for that matter, make too much up just in case you know?  3) I've had a bit of a health issue. I've had more blood taken from me in the last few weeks to make a vampire weep.

and with that...coffee.