Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday June 14th 2015

Saturn. The planet is shifting from one zodiac to another, and is bumping into other planets at the moment. Which is something it doesn't do too often. This means, that a lot of the dren you've been going through over the last few years, will smooth out.  Either you will find that you no longer have massive obstacles or you will just no longer care about the situation at all.

I already see where a lot of the things that have been sitting on my last nerve for the last few years, melting away. I do believe that I'm falling more into the no longer giving a crap, side of things.

Saturn is the planet of tests and rewards. So, a lot of people who get tarot readings, runes done, reiki work done etc, will be told blockages are lifting.  The Wheel of Fortune and Death cards will start to appear more often in tarot readings, because new paths are opening up.

Which is you know, all about timing, as Mercury went direct few days ago. So the past month of bad communication, missed flights, broken computers/cell phones will start to ease up.  Things will start to gel a bit better.

I have to admit, if it wasn't for the fact there is so much math involved in astrology, I'd be doing this as more then just a hobby. As math was always the anvil on my cartoon character if you know what I mean. Kills me every time.
That's all I've got up my sleeve this morning.  Coffee's getting cold.