Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Well hostel 17 owes me kittens

Spudguns!  We are in the middle of another Mercury retrograde. Which means technology meltdowns, bad traffic accidents, storms of all kinds, and massive communication mix ups.  Remember, this happens three times a year for about 3 weeks each.
It's also a time for reviewing. Reviewing contracts, reviewing your goals, reviewing yourself.

And that's what I've been doing lately. Reevaluating everything. Every so often it needs to be done anyways right? Right.

When I started this blog, I had joined a bunch of online groups, all with the intention of just getting out there more. Online of course. They were suppose to be support/friendship communities but they ended up mostly being ratings pushes. I stopped partaking after a few months.
It just didn't feel right to me.  They kept talking about finding your tribe.  Which, is about the only thing I actually agreed with. Sort of. Finding your identity and going with it. 

Five years or so later and I'm still not in any "tribe" that I'm really aware of.  I'm just too weird. Too me.  And that's what I wanted Domestic and Damned to be.  Me on a plate. A large onyx plate covered in bats and coffins...Only it ends up the older I get, the less weird I really am.

I'm part of the Twin Peaks generation, and my younger sister is part of the Nightmare Before Christmas generation.  We both fall squarely into that whole Addams Family generation that seemed to sprout up in the last twenty years. And we just keep on trucking.

At one point, I had an idea, vision almost, of this blog being a Martha Stewart style how to blog with a vampiric twist.  yeah that didn't really happen. Ends up, I'm terrible at the do it yourself stuff.  And the older I get, the more I see it's not unique at all. In fact, it's a large genre all its own.

So, not as weird as I have always been led to believe I am. So sad when you think about it, rip my soul's rug out from under me letting me smash my skull on the edge of the crypt on that one...anyways, just waiting for the coffee to be ready, which given the fact I drink instant means me admitting that I haven't gotten off my arse yet to boil the water is a sad sad thing too, and thinking out loud that this blog needed a little something other than just the tarot videos I've been doing as of late; which I still have a few to post down the line.

The remake of the Craft...seems to be a big topic last few days with the broomstick crowd. I might have to really think about it before I chime in...or you know just open my mouth like I always do and let whatever drip out. But I think I will make that a whole post on it's own later.

So why might you be asking, the two separate Buffy the Vampire Slayer quotes for the title...why not?

kiss kiss noise.