Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday July 21

Planet notes... Mercury turned direct yesterday.  You know, how the last three weeks you've found your messages a bit wonky, traffic accidents high, computer and other electronics having hissy fits on you. Well, that was why. Mercury did it's retrograde act the last few weeks.  Now, things will start to smooth out a bit again.  Always remember folks, Mercury retro happens three times a year.

So as I said the other day, been doing a lot of writing. Which is great my lovely Spudguns! After like two and a half years of being stuck, I've been on major writing rolls the last four months. Like a clogged drain that's finally unclogged.

And for those who were following my knee injury, I took the bus the other day for the first time without the cane.  Which means, pretty much cane free now. Wish I could say I was pain free, but you know.

So yes, main reason for this was the Mercury note.