Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Random Wed

You with me?  Hey?

Spudguns!  How is everyone on this lovely Wednesday?  Beauty.

You ever get those strange emails from unknown people trying to sell you on linking their crap to your sites?  I get those like four times a week.  People and companies trying to get me to sign up to their social groups to expand my product or link to their site to sell their dren.

I hate that.
The one I got just now, was informing me that my content was not relevant.  Uh, relevant to what? The thing they were trying to get me to link for them it would seem, cause the last time I checked this was my personal blog and everything on here was about me, therefore relevant to me and the handful of fiendish-gremlins that read me.

Are you feeling that shock-treatment?  Groovy.

So yeah, I needed to rant.

But on a lighter note, remember the movie blog I've been chugging away at for the last year and a half?  Sure you do, don't lie now. Well, been chugging away on it the last few days.  Added a new post on the Top 5 lists, and some new chapters to the Nosferatu Adventures.
You're going to love it! Seriously, man, I wouldn't steer you wrong.  Less of course you were trying to sneak the last cookie, in that case I would just smash your hands with a rolling pin.

kiss kiss noise.